Panov Alexander Dmitrievich

Panov Alexander Dmitrievich - Doctor  of physics and mathematics. Physicist and astrophysicist.
Panov Alexander Dmitrievich (was born June 11, 1958, Moscow, Russian Federation, both parents were scientists).

Doctor of physics and mathematics. Physicist and astrophysicist.

Author of 137 papers and one monographs. Reads a course of lectures on cosmology at the Physical Department of Moscow State University. Citation index in the version of SCOPUS is 1315 (at the end of 2016).

Main scientific interests: Cosmic-ray astrophysics, cosmology and gravitation, quantum theory, nuclear physics, evolution theory and SETI problem, methodology of science.

Main stages of scientific activity, results, ideas and projects

  • Physics of atomic-nuclear processes and its application to solid state physics and quantum chemistry. Quantum chemistry application of the ultrasoft isomeric transition in uranim-235. (1982-1997)
  • Computer sciences and programming languages (particularly, he is the authof two programming languages: 1992,1998)
  • Quantum measurement theory and its application to the theory of quantum Zeno effect and the decoherence theory. Foundations of quantum theory (1994, up to now)
  • Cosmic-ray physics, the ATIC balloon-borne experiment (2000-2016)
  • Cosmic-ray physics, the NUCLEON experiment (2015, up to now)
  • Cosmic-ray physics, the NUCLEON-2 experiment (2016, up to now)
  • Methodology of science: the objective nature of mathematics (2009-2011)
  • Methodology of science: problems of cosmology and quantum gravity (2011-2012)
  • The Universal evolution, the origin of life and SETI problem. (2002, up to now).
  • The problem of artificial intelligence, quantum computations, and the nature of mind (2013-2014)
  • Introduction to the modern cosmology, lecture course (2016, up to now).


He finished school №154 in Moscow (1975).
He had graduated the Moscow State University, Physical Department with thesis “The experimental investigation of the excitation 1/2+ – isomer 235U by electron impact” (1982).
Candidate of science dissetration: “Quantitative investigation of the high resolution conversion electron spectra of usltrasoft isomeric transition of uranium-235”. Specialty 01.14.16 – the physics of atomic nucleus and particle physics (1997)

Doctor of science dissertation “Energy spectra of primary cosmic rays from protons to iron from the data of the ATIC-2 experiment”. Specialty 01.14.16 – the physics of atomic nucleus and particle physics (2014)


Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”, Institute of General & Nucl. Phys. – from engineer to research associate (1982-2000)
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics – from research associate to leading research associate (2000 – up to now)
Head of the Russian Science-Cultural Center SETI at Council on Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2012 – up to now)

He was awarded the Tsiolkovsky Medal for Merit in the exploration of outer space and is a laureate of several academic competitions.