Aim & Scope

Plato created philosophy as a specific practice. Pierre Hadot formulated the idea of philosophy: “…both as a specific discourse linked to a way of life, and as a way of life linked to a specific discourse.” The strategic goal of Philosophy and Cosmology is to create a broad scientific and social platform that is able to consolidate the efforts of modern scientists in studies the Universe as Cosmos, as well as will teach us building capabilities for future in-space activities and deep-space missions.

The journal publishes papers covering the following issues

  • Testing cosmological models
  • Anthropic reasoning and multiverse
  • Scope of cosmological theories and Data
  • Future studies
  • Cosmology and culture
  • Man in the cosmos
  • Conceptions of the cosmos
  • Types of papers

    • Full-text research articles
    • Reviews
    • Translations
    • Discussions