Philosophy and Cosmology

About the Journal

Philosophy and Cosmology is a semiannual, open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal that focuses on theoretical and conceptual problems and issues in philosophical and cosmological research. Philosophy and Cosmology is published by International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology (Filosofsko-Kosmologichne Obiednannya). The objective of Philosophy and Cosmology is to promote exchange and collaboration among philosophers, social, technical and natural science researchers throughout the world. In pursuit of this objective the journal not only publishes high quality research papers but also ensures that the published papers achieve broad international credibility. Philosophy and Cosmology publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, and book reviews.


The Journal Philosophy and Cosmology (ISSN 2518-1866 (Online), ISSN 2307-3705 (Print)) was established by Oleg Bazaluk as a press organ of International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology at 2004. This Society was established in the setting of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogical University. Initially the Journal was printed as a special edition of Ukrainian philosophical journal «Sententiae» (Editor-in-Chief — Oleg Khoma) and covered scientific and philosophical researches of the space problematic. Since 2008, Journal Philosophy and Cosmology is an independent printed issue. Since 2009, together with coming of Gennadii Aliaiev, Philosophy and Cosmology has an International status printing advanced researches at the spheres of:

  • futurology
  • cosmology
  • philosophy of cosmology
  • philosophic anthropology
  • philosophy of cognition
  • cosmic education
  • social philosophy
  • philosophy of science and technology
  • philosophy of religion